November 5-6, 2016


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An evening of Pokemon Go on Friday, September 9 with mini games and community fun with prizes to be won!! The Forest City Comicon will be hosting its second-ever gathering for PokemonGO players.

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St. Peter has a full lineup of interactive voice workshops that are sure to be a highlight of the weekend event.  All panels are included with general admission while seating is available in the panel room. He brings with him experience from an extensive body of voice work from productions easily recognizable to many fans.

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Scott Yaphe, known to fans as his on-screen persona “Wink Yahoo” from the hit YTV game show “Uh-Oh!”, is the latest guest to be announced as attending the Forest City Comicon featuring Project Play November 5-6 at the London Convention Centre.

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Ron Rubin Joins Lineup

In addition to his work on the English version of Sailor Moon as Artemis, Rubin has been the voice of numerous characters throughout his career.  He has given voice to animated characters on “C.O.P.S.” (Dr. Badvibes), “Avengers” (The Vision), X-Men (Morph), “Arthur” (Various Voice), and “Beetlejuice” (Various Voices).

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Avatar, Power Rangers, & Resident Evil Stuntman Reuben Langdon

One of Hollywood & Asia’s most sought-after martial-art stuntmen, Reuben Langdon, has joined the lineup the Forest City Comicon featuring Project Play November 5-6 at the London Convention Centre.  Langdon will be attending both days of the convention presenting a number of special presentations and workshops throughout the weekend. (Learn More)




Our Story

The organizing group for the Forest City Comicon came together in July of 2013 with the first Forest City Comicon taking place in 2014. The event was the largest first-year comic con type ever held in London and surrounding region and exceeded all expectations. The Forest City Comicon is the combination of three comic con-type organizing groups that were in development in 2013 and in 2015 added another partner organization: Project Play. Learn more about our story, our passion, and commitment for bringing a top-quality event of this kind to London, Ontario: (Our Story)



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