2017 Exhibitor Listing

Pokemon Gym Leader Squad Interactive
1,000,000 comix Other
Adorable Creatives Other
Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Games Games
Andy Nichol Artwork
Anime North Communty
AniMerch Collectables
Art by Angela Artwork
ART Industries Comics
Arts Project / Ting Festival Community
Ashley Valentini (Thirty-One Gifts) Other
Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians Community
Autism Ontario Community
Awesome Oddities Crafts
Bailie Rosenlund Illustration / Kari Lynch Artwork
Baldwin Lee’s Akibazone Comics
Barkenstein Designs Crafts
Bell (Sponsor) Other
Bellchamber Rings Custom Jewellery Crafts
BlankSpace Publications Comics / Collectables / Games
Bling in the Attic Other
Board and Tale Games Other
Brenden Cameron Games Other
Bruce Lee Display Community
Cactus Mafia Other
CaptainPiika Artwork
Capture Paranormal Investigations Other
Casey Parsons Illustrations Artwork
Chained Creativity Crafts
Chris Loblaw – Author Other
Cindergardens Crafts
CK Expo Communty
Con Bravo Communty
Craft Hackers Crafts
Creative Henna Artwork
Cunning Illustration Artwork
Cusp of Gemini Other
Dale Jardine Crafts
Dalek Harper Community
Dark Arts Defense League Community
David Caesar Art Artwork
David M. Kelly Other
Downtown London Community
Dream Costumes Worbla Supply Crafts
Duskleaf Media Comics
Elite Minifigures Collectables
Elsewhere Media Comics
Evil & Enchanted Jewelry Other
Exodus London Escape Rooms Other
Extra Life – London Guild Other
Fan of the Sport Collectables
FANATICS Community
Fanshawe College (Sponsor) Other
Fire and Steel Collectables
Flames Artwork
Forest City Anime, Culture & Cosplay Cosplay
Forest City Coins Comics
Forest City Surplus Collectables
Frost Con Communty
Galaxy games and media Games
Game On Entertainment Services Games
Geek @ <3 Crafts
Geek Studio Crafts
Genre Con Communty
Gizmo’s Collectables
Glitterbug Designs Other
gr8collectables Collectables
Hall Of Names Toronto Collectables
Heroes Comics
Hunter Geek Crafts
Hutton House Community
Icy Jewelery Crafts
Inferno Cat Collectables
inomnom Artwork
Jamie MK Jardine Artwork
Jasmin Jane Artwork
Jellysquid Crafts Crafts
Jen Lipski Fine Art Artwork
Jon Berg Comics
Josh Rivers/Cardboard Cafe Community
Jpaintings Artwork
Julio Del Hierro Artwork
jupejuperocket art Other
KameHouse Collectables
Knightmares & Daydreams Artwork
Koolectibles Collectables
Kraken Not Stirred Other
L.A. Mood Comics and Games Comics / Collectables / Games
Lady Cottontail Artwork
Lara Johnson Art Artwork
Laser Quest Community
Legend of Korra – Pro Bending Arena Demo Other
Legion of doom Cosplay
Liane McConnell Artwork
Lillian’s Hats Crafts
Lipsense Other
London Public Library Community
London Rogues Communty
Love, Poetry Corsets/Magpie Bath Other
Lunar Comics Other
m4tt3rCr4ft5 Artwork
Ma Cobb’s Hat Shoppe Crafts
Manic Made Geekery Crafts
MARZ Publishing Artwork
McCulloch’s Costumes Other
Mike Freitas Models Other
Moe’s Attic Other
Morgan’s Organs Comics
mowgen Artwork
MSG Imaging Artwork
MV Artistry Artwork
Neo Tokyo, The Anime Store Comics / Collectables / Games
Nikkimomos Crafts
Nino Vecia Illustration Artwork
Nitsirks World Artwork
NorthernDreamPaint Artwork
Otaku-Loot Collectables
OWL LONDON Community
Oxford Renaissance Festival Community
Pat’s Fashions Comics
Perlers by Dizzy Dots Crafts
PixelCollieCreations Crafts
PixlBitches Crafts
Plaguey Artwork
Pop Culture Canada Communty
Pop Fiction Artwork
Purrblind Cosplay
Random Encounter Comics Comics
Red Moon Glassworks Other
Rodrigo Bravo Artwork
Runic Custom Crafts
Sandy’s Treasures Collectables
Sarnia Pop Culture Show Communty
Sequential Fiction Other
Sew Loretsy Crafts
Sherisse Buck Artwork
Sipco Games Games
Sisi’s Collectables
Skyfox Games Comics / Collectables / Games
SoDaT Artwork
Solace Games/Devoted Publishing Games
Spicecat and Sugarbat Artwork
Squire Sword Standees Artwork
START Artwork
Stephen B. Pearl Other
Sticks & Sewn Crafts
Stray Life Studio Artwork
Stuff of Legends Collectables
Superhero Sanctum Collectables
Syndicon Communty
The AFK Gamer Collectables
The Art of Bunny G Artwork
The Art of Derek Laufman Artwork
The Game Chamber Other
The Geekery Crafts
The Good Egg Club Crafts
The Gorgon’s Eye Crafts
The Hood Archery Activity
The Indestructible (Harvey Comics) Comics
The Littlest Gift Boutique Collectables
The Ontario Swedish Chef Community
The Rice Hat Samurai Studio Crafts
the scrappy scientist Artwork
The Sewing Sheep Crafts
the Sidekick Hangout Comics / Collectables / Games
ThinkNu Artwork
Toronto Comics Anthology Comics
trap-sama/TenguxChan/tired-kun Artwork
Tricity studio Artwork
Uber Cool Stuff Other
Underdog Toys Comics
Underworld larp Community
Underworld Shop And Design Games
weelittlestitches Crafts
Whimsical Squid Creations Crafts
White’s Wands Crafts
Wicked Links Artisan Crafts
Windsor Funko Pop Friends Collectables
Wire Princess Crafts
Wizardoof Crafts
Wulfthorpe Living History Vikings
X-S Cards and Games Games
Yeti Con Communty
Zelpha Comics/Homemade Game guru Crafts

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