2017 Featured Guests (Previous Event)

(2018 Guest Announcements Coming Soon)

Billy Boyd

"Pippin" - The Lord of the Rings

Billy Boyd is best known for his portrayal of “Pippin” in Peter Jackson’s famous “The Lord of the Rings” film trilogy“, adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendary fantasy work, which was released from 2001-2003 with Boyd appearing in all three films. His character proved to be one of the most popular and memorable in the franchise, providing comic relief and heart to the productions.

Dickey Beer

Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi

The actor / stuntman is best known for his work on Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi where he was the stunt double for Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker as well as portraying Barada, Sergeant Junkin, a Stormtrooper, a Gamorrean Guard, and a Biker Scout. His huge list of stunt credits also include; Superman III, Krull, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Dune, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Total Recall, Starship Troopers, Terminator 3, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and several James Bond films.


YouTube Vocal Impersonator

With nearly 70 Million total views on YouTube, Hull shot to viral video fame in 2014 with his rendition of Frozen’s “Let It Go”. Hull has continued to showcase his vocal talents, which include stunningly accurate impersonations of hundreds of characters. His most recent viral hits, seen by millions, include “Disney Pixar sings Hello” and “Disney Pixar sings Moana”.

Wink Yahoo (Scott Yaphe)

90s YTV Game Show Host

Scott Yaphe’s character, Wink Yahoo, is the host of the 90s game show ‘Uh-Oh!’. The wacky, slime-filled game show aired from 1997-2003 on YTV following the network’s “The Zone” programming block. Yaphe returns to Forest City Comicon with “UhOh! Live”, a convention-version of the hit show!

Kenny Hotz

Kenneth Joel “Kenny” Hotz is a Canadian producer, writer, director, actor, and comedian. Hotz is a South Park consultant and writer, creator/star of the Comedy Central television show Kenny vs. Spenny.

Spencer “Spenny” Rice

Canadian producer, writer, director, actor and musician. He is the co-creator/star of the hit reality comedy series, Kenny Vs Spenny (Showcase/Comedy Central.)

Amber Nash

"Pam Poovey" - Archer

Amber Nash, actor and improviser who is most known for her role as Pam Poovey on the hit animated series Archer on the FX Network. Her role as the boozing, gossiping and promiscuous head of Human Resources for ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service) on the series is a stand-out and fan favorite where she works regularly with such recognized, and acclaimed, co-stars such as Judy Greer, Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, Jessica Walters and H. Jon Benjamin.

Tony Lee

Legendary Hypnotist Entertainer

Tony Lee is a legendary hypnotist entertainer presenting the “Hypno-Twist” live show alonside Spenny (All-ages show). Lee is an inductee into the 2015 COCA Hall of Fame. He has performed internationally for 32 years with over 9000 performances.

    VFX Artist Jennifer Maillet

    VFX Artist - Harry Potter, Suicide Squad, Elysium, and Into the Woods

    Maillet has worked in the film industry for 7 years and has been a VFX Artist on shows like The Walking Dead, Vikings, Orphan Black, Penny Dreadful, Fear the Walking Dead, and Legion to name a few. She’s also worked on feature film such as, Harry Potter, Suicide Squad, Elysium, and Into the woods. In 2013, her team won the Canadian Screen Award for Outstanding Achievement Award In Visual Effects for their work on Vikings.

    Purrblind Cosplay

    Special guest judget at the 2017 Cosplay Contest presented by Fanshawe College. Grand Prize Cosplay at LCS NA Championships.

      Featured Artists


      Comic Writer & Artist

      -Writer of mainstream comics with acclaimed runs on such titles as Extraordinary X-Men, Green Arrow, Animal Man and Hawkeye for Marvel and DC Comics.

      Tom Nguyen


      Tom Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American visual artist who began his professional career freelancing for comic book publishers such as DC Comics and Marvel Comics from the age of 19. Building his name as an inker, he has worked on major titles such as Batman, Green Lantern, JLA, and Superman: The Man of Steel among others.

      Tony Gray


      Canadian-born comic book writer and illustrator. He has worked on comic books, syndicated comic strips and character designs for companies which include, DC Comics, GlassMonkey Studios, Hasbro and Chrysler. Gray has illustrated works featuring characters as widely diverse as Batman, Spider-man, Red Sonja, and Princess Lollipop.

      David Collier

      Artist / Author

      David Collier is the award-winning author and artist of several graphic
      novels including Hamilton Illustrated, The Frank Ritza Papers, Chimo and
      2017’s acclaimed Morton.

        Gibson Quarter

        Artist / Illustrator

        Gibson Quarter is a comic book artist /illustrator working out of the RAID Studio in
        Toronto. He is best known for illustration work on THE WAR ON DRUGS strips with
        writer Alan Grant in the European magazine WASTED. Gibson is the regular artist on
        the “Organ Grinder”; stories in the UNDERTOW Comic from 7th Wave. He has worked
        for a number of other books and publishers, such as Dynamite Entertainment, CAPTAIN
        CANUCK, HEROES OF THE NORTH and numerous other European magazines like
        Frogman, Northern Lightz, and FutureQuake.

        Willow Dawson

        Author / Illustrator - "The Wolf-Birds", "Avis Dolphin"

        **Appearance Postponed** Willow Dawson’s picture book THE WOLF-BIRDS received a School Library Journal STARRED REVIEW and was a finalist for multiple awards. Her graphic novels include, AVIS DOLPHIN with Frieda Wishinsky (Groundwood Books), HYENA IN PETTICOATS (Penguin Books), LILA AND ECCO’S DIY COMICS CLUB (Kids Can Press) and NO GIRLS ALLOWED with Susan Hughes (Kids Can Press). She is currently illustrating WHITE AS MILK, RED AS BLOOD, the first fully illustrated English edition of Franz Xaver von Schonwerth fairy tales, translated by Shelley Tanaka (Alfred A. Knopf, 2018).

        Special Displays

        Heroes of the Homefront

        Researcher Ivan Kocmarek

        Did you know that Canada banned American comic books during WWII and then started making its own comics for a period of six years? Come and find out about these rare old Canadian comic books from researcher Ivan Kocmarek. We’ll have a limited number of prints signed by 90-year-old artist Gerald Lazare for sale as well as a few of the original comic books and a couple of original art pages from the period, and a mock up of the new book. Come and learn about Canada’s first comic books and heroes such as Nelvana, Johnny Canuck, Mr. Monster, Speed Savage, and The Wing.

          Pokemon Gym Leader Squad

          Interactive Display

          A live-action Pokemon event! The Pokemon Gym Leader Squad is a group of Pokemon fans who cosplay as Pokemon Gym Leaders, Elite 4, and other strong trainers, and we’re back for another year of epic battles! Look for them on the convention floor. Bring your 3DS and Pokemon Sun, or Moon version, win badges, and see if you have what it takes to be the very best! Visit http://ctrl-a.org/gymleaders/about-us/rules/ for more details.

          Zombie Simulator

          by Zombie Adventure Camp

          Learn how to fight a zombie! Spin the wheel of weapons and follow the instructions but whatever you do, don’t get bitten!!


          By Collector Peter Hawryluk

          Personal collection of Bruce Lee memorabilia spanning over 40 years. Items include 1966 Green Hornet and Black Beauty toys, rare 1970’s posters, magazines and albums. Action figures from the 1980’s, video games, pictures and cards. Items from 1990’s to present day.

            Dr. David Hirsch

            Prop Expert & Collector

            Through the years, Dr. David Hirsch has become a respected expert in the area of Screen-Used Movie Props, with a special focus on Star Trek, Star Wars, and Marvel. It is as result of these interests, that Dr. Hirsch has built movie-themed orthodontics offices featuring these props which have received international attention and acclaim.

            Wulfthrope Viking Reenacement

            Step into the world of vikings! Wulfthorpe (“wolf village”) is member of Vikings Vinland, which oversees Viking reenactment groups in Canada and the US. Catch their demos throughout the day: FREE with admission!

            Special Presentations

            Super Art Fight

            Main Stage Presentation

            From Washington DC: Super Art Fight presents a live event unlike any other: a hilarious hybrid of live drawing, pro-wrestling style dramatics and characters, and improv comedy.

            404s Improv Comedy

            Included FREE with admission: the Eastside The 404s – Improv Comedy show off their unique “geekprov” brand of improv comedy!

            Ontario Sweedish Chef

            Interactive Cooking Show

            Ingishver de Ontario’s Swedish Chef. Hurdyver yorne devern Forest City Comic Con. Bork, bork, bork!

            (Ontario’s Swedish Chef Chef will be providing cooking demos throughout the day in the second floor atrium)