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Join Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League at Comic Con!

Pre-Register to Play

Register for a slot online starting on Monday, September 10th.

Note: A convention ticket must be purchased to enter the event.  Get your convention ticket now!

The D&D Adventurers League is an ongoing official campaign for the Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition rules. You can play a new character made for the season 8 storyline or bring one of your established Adventurers League characters to challenge a lineup of exciting and new modules.

We are pleased to announce that for 2018 the Forest City Comicon RPG Track will enjoy 3 days of gaming entertainment as we add scheduled games on the Friday before and the Sunday following the convention. Participation is free on these extra days with your standard convention pass.

On Saturday, Sept 22nd participate in a charity event running of D&D Epic: DDEP2 Mulmaster Undone as this special EPIC Multitabled event is brought out of retirement to prepare you for Sunday’s “The Red War” EPIC Multitabled event.

The entire weekend will play host to various classic modules from the past 7 seasons of stories and will introduce you to the new Season 8 Waterdeep Adventures released in time for Forest City Comicon.

New this year, Forest City Comicon is proud to announce that we will have our own set of “Convention Creation Content” or CCC modules created specifically for our event. Explore a new village on the edge of the Moonsea in the forgotten realms as drama, intrigue and the harvest festival create new stories for you to experience. Wonderfully written by local storytellers.

Never Played D&D Before?

We will have volunteers on hand to help explain the rules to new players as well as games suited for entry level participants with storytellers geared to make someones first time the most pleasant it can be.

We have walk-up options for learning the game that do not require pre-registration.  Come on out and have some fun!

Available this Year:

Mulmaster Undone
“The Cults of Elemental Evil have been unveiled within the City of Danger and in retaliation, they seek to use the fundamental forces of nature to destroy it from within. Join your factions as well as the Blades, Cloaks, Hawks and Soldiers alike in defending Mulmaster against those that would burn, crush, drown, and buffet it into oblivion.

The Red War
“Rebuilding”, they called it, and “working for the greater good”. While it is true that the Thayans were indeed rebuilding the city and keeping the chaotic elemental rifts in check, the old adage of “never trust a Red Wizard” definitely held true. The visiting zulkir Dar’lon Ma interacted with many notable champions, broke bread with the Cloaks and their agents, and all the while was gathering his insight and research on how best to proceed with his own plans of conquest. Heroes eventually revealed that he had used these heroes as little more than mercenaries, and was using some of the artifacts that they secured in an attempt to do something vile to the residents of Mulmaster.”

This year we are happy to announce the line up of:

  • DDAL08-00 Once in Waterdeep
  • DDAL08-01 The Map with No Names
  • DDAL08-02 Beneath the City of the Dead
  • DDAL08-03 Dock Ward Double Cross
  • Curtain Call: A Sharn Adventure
  • D&D Epic: DDEP2 Mulmaster Undone – Charity Event
  • D&D Epic: DDEP00-01 The Red War

And specially made for Forest City Comicon 2018 by some of our own local writers and approved into D&D Adventurers League!!

  • CCC-FC3-01-01 Highharvestide in Estirwald (Tier 1)
  • CCC-FC3-01-02 Corruption of the Elder Oak (Tier 2)
  • CCC-FC3-01-03 The Fun House (Tier 3)