Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

(Last Updated: Summer 2019)

Policy Notice:

CONTESTS & DRAWS: Exhibitors collecting fan contact information through draws or other methods must have written permission from Forest City Comicon prior to conducting such programs.

MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING: Recruitment for multi-level marketing programs is not permitted at Forest City Comicon. Depending on application: multi-level marketing entities may not be granted an exhibitor permit.

Forest City Comicon Inc Supplemental Exhibitor Agreement

– Exhibitors are responsible for their own table cloths and must keep their spaces and tables orderly and well-groomed for consumers, guests, media, industry, event staff, venue staff and affiliates on behalf of FOREST CITY COMICON INC.

-FOREST CITY COMICON is a family friendly event. As such, absolutely NO pornography or adult-only related material is to be displayed or sold at any time. Selling such material can result in expulsion from the show without refund.

-FOREST CITY COMICON INC is not responsible for any lost or stolen merchandise before, during, or after the event. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to protect their personal merchandise from any theft or damages.

-Exhibitors are NOT allowed to use tape, tacks or nails on the space rented.

-Any exhibitors that cause damage to the space rented including damage to tables, or infractions against other vendors, clubs and/or artists become liable for payment toward total estimated cost of damage incurred.

-Exhibitors can only display their merchandise in their rental spaces and at no other place located within FOREST CITY COMICON INC without permission from the organizing committee.

-Exhibitors are to be set up and ready for business at the opening of the doors and displays removed following convention close.

-All exhibitors are responsible for any taxes and/or product licenses required by law.

-Exhibitor understands that no refund will be issued if the exhibitor cancels or is unable to attend FOREST CITY COMICON INC within sixty days prior to show time. Prior to this time a full refund may be given.

-Additional furnishings that are not included in the order and are the responsibility of the exhibitor. (ie. display racks, table cloths).

-Exhibitors agree to keep noise levels to a minimum, with FOREST CITY COMICON INC reserving the right to determine this level.

-Exhibitor agrees that all merchandise for sale is legal and licensed.

-Bootleg material is prohibited and FOREST CITY COMICON INC will not be held responsible. Selling such material can result in expulsion from the show without refund.

If you (exhibitor) are in agreement with the outline, structure and conditions above kindly indicate in the area below.