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For vendors and exhibitors the Forest City Comicon 2017 will be a FANTASTIC single-day comic con event!  Floorspace at the revamped event is going to be the hottest ticket around.  Join us on September 23, 2017 as an exhibitor by applying today!

Official Registration Now Open

Exhibitor applications are now available! Once an exhibitor application is accepted, you will be contacted to finalize and complete your booking. This ensures accurate booking and that your needs are taken care of and any questions answered by our team well in advance of the event.

-8′ Table, 8′ Deep Space $180 + HST Each

-Booth (10’X8′) $240 + HST Each includes 6′ table.

-Custom Space Size Request (Contact info@forestcitycomicon.ca to provide details)

Forest City Comicon is a waking giant among the cons when it comes to quality. As a vendor, I was surprised by being helped with heavy equipment and escorted to my table, as well as being able to buy a healthy lunch for under $10. The tables were nicely dressed in black cloth with plenty of space behind the tables to move about. The convention was large enough to keep everyone entertained and engaged yet small enough to remain intimate, focusing on fun and affordability for both patrons and vendors.
Kitt Daven2015 Exhibitor
The wonderful people who run this event clearly know what they are doing. Everything was well communicated, easy, and smooth. We had no trouble finding our booth, registering, and even loading and unloading were the simplest operation we’ve ever done. I would recommend anyone interested to check out the next convention. We’ll be there!
The Geekery2015 Exhibitor
One of the best cons in the area. Well organized with a venue staff and volunteers that are second to none. The facility is clean and designed to dampen sound so you can actually hear people speaking to you over the echoes of the crowd. This con was a great experience.
Stephen B. PearlWriter
It was amazing to receive the compliments I did from people and really bring a new sense of value to my own work. I could walk around and see people holding my art and it brought me a lot of joy. I even had someone ask me to sign their painting, I wasnt there the first time they asked but they came back later just to have me sign it. It was incredible.
Jpaintings2016 Exhibitor
Forest City Comicon staff members and volunteers are some of the most helpful, kind, and enthusiastic people that I have had the pleasure of working with. They made sure we were happy and helped and went out of their way to satisfy our needs. Thanks!
Geek @ <32016 Exhibitor
Forest City Comic Con is the best that London has to offer. Their commitment to improving the show each year gives me confidence that it can grow into one of the premier Comic Conventions in Southern Ontario.
Derek Laufman2016 Exhibitor