Forest City ComiCon Returns June 25

Forest City ComiCon is set to return next weekend on Saturday, June 25 at Centennial Hall.  Like so many other events, Forest City ComiCon has been on a two-year covid hiatus until conditions made it possible to operate again.  The seventh-annual event features cosplay, a full exhibitor floor, panels & presentations, and special appearances by celebrity guests.

“There is huge interest in the return of Forest City ComiCon,” said board member John Houghton.  “The excitement for this year’s show already seems to be outpacing the 2019 event.  It’s been a difficult few years and we can’t wait to get this event back up and running in our community.”

Featured guests this year include David Nykl & Mitch Markowitz.  Nykl has appeared in dozens of film and TV projects including Stargate: Atlantis (Dr. Zelenka), Arrow (Anatoly Knyazev), Supernatural (Lester Morris), Fringe (Reverend Marcus), Eureka (Dr. Steven Whiticus), Continuum (Sergei), Tomorrowland, HBO’s The Sleepers (Gerald Lloyd), and, since 2019, Carnival Row (Constable Boggs).  Markowitz was the co-Producer of Hilarious House of Frightenstein which is celebrating its 50th anniversary and streaming now on Crave. He was a co-Star in the series as the Super Hippy Character and involved in the production of numerous other television (game show) programs in a career spanning decades.

An additional highlight at the event includes a special appearance by Adam Buckley who is the star of the YouTube channel “A Dose of Buckley”.  Buckley’s channel has reached over 500,000 subscribers and nearly 200,000,000 views since 2009.

Featured artists at this year’s event include Richard Comely, the creator of Captain Canuck, Derek Laufman, known for his own comics and Graphic Novels including Ruinworld, Bot-9, and The Witch of Wickerson, and Joe Shuster and Ignatz-nominated cartoonist Diana Tamblyn.

On stage, fans will also catch “Fan Fiction the Show”, which showcases a roster of actors performing dramatic readings of (terrible) fan fiction scripts, as well as the annual highlight of the show: the cosplay contest.  There will also be a Nintendo Switch Super Smash Tournament presented by Game on Entertainment Services.

Tickets for the event are available online at or at the door the day of the event.  Doors at the event open at 10:00 am for advanced tickets, 10:15 am for new ticket purchases.

About: The Forest City Comicon is London, Ontario, Canada’s all-ages comic con celebration of nerd and geek culture: featuring artists, exhibitors, cosplay, vendors, panels, board games, video game tournaments, and more.  The event has run annually since 2014.