Fortnite Battle Royale Tournament

The Forest City ComiCon is hosting a Fortnite Battle Royale tournament to find the London-area’s top player!


Cost: FREE with admission!

Eligibility: Open to any player age 13+. (Register Now)

System: Xbox One

Time: Beginning at 10:30 am, pre-registered competitors must check in by 11:00 am.

Finals: Time TBA on the Main Stage!


Each player will have one official solo match to get their score.  Their tournament score will be determined by result at end of the match minus the number kills with the lowest score being determined as the winner (like golf).

For example: if a player’s result is 25th of 97 players and they get 4 kills, their tournament score would be 21.  If another player, in a different round, also finished 25th but had 5 kills, they would have the better tournament score of 20.

The Finals: The top two players will have a final showdown towards the end of the day to determine the champion!  Each player will play one solo round on the main stage under the same tournament rules to determine the winner.


Players can register an entry for up to 60 guaranteed play slot in the tournament.  Other entries will be on a first-come-first-served basis.  Registration is open now.