Guests & Attractions

David Nkyl

Featured Guest

Has appeared in dozens of film and TV projects including Stargate: Atlantis (Dr. Zelenka), Arrow (Anatoly Knyazev), Supernatural (Lester Morris), Fringe (Reverend Marcus), Eureka (Dr. Steven Whiticus), Continuum (Sergei), Tomorrowland, HBO’s The Sleepers (Gerald Lloyd), and, since 2019, Carnival Row (Constable Boggs).

Mitch Markowitz

Featured Guest

Co-Producer Hilarious House of Frightenstein celebrating its 50th anniversary and streaming on Crave. Co-Star in the series as the Super Hippy Character. Involved in the production of numerous other television (game show) programs in a career spanning decades.

The Wolfman's Desk

Special Display

The Wolfman’s Desk from The Hilarious House of Frightenstein was re-created by Ed Mattingly for live events with Mitch Markowitz. It serves as a great photo-op along with multiple large posters of the show cast behind. The setup also includes an interactive video screen that mimics the psychedelic Igor & Wolfman dance segment from the show.

Adam Buckley

Featured Guest

Star of the YouTube channel “A Dose of Buckley” which features “angry humour from an angry man”. Buckly’s channel has reached over 500,000 subscribers and nearly 200,000,000 views since 2009.

Derek Laufman


Derek Laufman has been a professional comic artist and illustrator for over 20 years. For Several years now Derek has been drawing and creating his own comics and Graphic Novels including Ruinworld, Bot-9, and The Witch of Wickerson. Derek is also a freelance illustrator who has worked with Marvel, Dreamworks, TOPPS, Hasbro and Mattel. He is the designer of Marvel’s Super Hero Adventure line as well as DC’s Super Friends.”

Smash Tournament


Super Smash Brothers Tournament by Game on Entertainment Systems. Register day-of at the GOES interactive gaming area on the lower level.

    Classic Gaming


    Drop in play of classic gaming systems including Play Station, NES, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo. Included with admission!

    Star Wars 501st & Rebel Legion

    Exhibit & Cosplay

    Meet your favourite Star Wars characters with the amazing cosplayers from the 501st and Rebel Legion! Located on the lower level by the advanced ticket entrance.

    Beat Saber

    Gaming Competition

    A drop in competition of this VR rhythm game runs all day long.

    Cosplay Contest

    Stage Presentation

    Take in the best cosplay of Forest City ComiCon or show your awesome character off at this competition: an annual highlight!

    Exhibitor Floor


    Featuring two floors FULL of exhibitors. Over 150 tables of comic shops, collectables, artists, and more!

      The Art of Face Painting

      Free Face Painting

      Included with admission: fans can have their face painted between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm.
      For almost 30 years Candy Stahlin has operated “The Art of Face Painting by Candy”. Priority will be given to kids, but anyone is welcome to have their face painted!

      Food Trucks

      Delicious Eats!

      Dig in to some delicious eats from the London Food Truck Association: out front throughout the day. Enjoy the best convention food ever!

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