2017 Interactive & Games

Lots of great interactive gaming included FREE with your admission!


ARTEMIS Starship Mission Simulator

Presented by TSN 2nd Light Division

All cadets, report to the fighter bay! You are invited to learn by playing, exploring and experimenting through verbal communication and flying action in a single seat space craft. We hope to inspire you to complete missions through imagining, tinkering and collaborating as a pilot of a fighter squad.

Microbit Fighter Duels

Presented by the STEAM Centre

Create your own character and controller with the BBC micro:bit. Do you want to be a rogue, a warrior, a ranger, or a mage? Connect your controllers to the Raspberry Pi game console where you will face off on the big screen. Your real life motions can bring success or defeat! Can you win?

Virtual Reality Gaming

Presented by In2Games

Step into the world of VR! Take your gaming to the next level with In2Games Virtual Reality! Experience the world of Star Wars and more in this immersive rig. Free demos running all day.

Drums of War

Presented by Nik Harron

Your drumming propels the action in this trippy, timely, interactive video.

Roll Up the Cosmos

Presented by Steam Centre

Play the classic PS2 game Katamari Damacy by rolling a giant controller!


Digital Extremes Showcase

Presented by Digital Extremes

Check out the latest from the Warframe team and get a sneak peek at the upcoming The Amazing Eternals!

Super SMASH Tournament

Presented by Team GOES

No advance pre-registration required! Simply arrive the day-of before 11:00 am to register at the Game On Entertainment (GOES) booth! General Rules from the Standard Ontario Smash rules will apply with the addition of a straight up double elimination format.Register before 11:00 am at the Game On Entertainment Booth

Meme Wave

Presented by Joydrop

Meme Wave started as a pitch for a micro-game bundle. But the game-loving pit-bulls at Joydrop chewed an inert document into a preposterously fun and playable demo. Players compete head-to-head in a slew of sub-ten second games, knocking wits and shoulders as they use the same controller in memorable meme-themed games like “Charlie Bit My Finger” and “Chocolate Rain”.

Classic Console Gaming

Presented by London Retro Gaming Group

Check out some rare and classic games – all on the original hardware like Atari and ColecoVision! Free to play, all day!

The Last Sky

Presented by Little Guy Games

The Last Sky is a mystery set in the world of dreams, where to overcome death, you must learn to live. Be one of the first to playtest this upcoming release!

Tiny Rails

Presented by Tiny Titan Studios

Set out on adventure in Tiny Titan’s immersive, world-spanning train game. Your grandfather has handed down his train company and it’s up to you to expand your modest engine into a multi-car masterpiece!


Presented by Joydrop

De-Composed is Joydrop’s latest virtual reality game and Canada’s first ever VR escape room. Created for Ottawa’s #1 designers of real-world escape rooms, De-Composed locks you inside the mansion of an undead composer. Groups of up to 6 players must unravel puzzles possible only in a VR environment, or give up their souls forever! (Insert macabre “mua-ha-ha” here.)


Presented by Oddbird Studios

Wielding only bows, players shoot, dodge and deflect arrows in this zany isometric archery game. Whether competing against other players online or teaming up against waves of enemies locally, Arrow Heads hands players unlimited arrows and drops them into chaotic environments to test their mastery behind the bow.


Presented by Kuzmanovic Games

Try out the newest demo of this hardcore, combat-focused metroidvania-style platformer – with no jumping. Explore a grim universe, discover new weapons and abilities, and defeat the vile creatures that plague the land.


Presented by Jamhammer Games

Shwip is the only twin-stick shoot em up with a whip! Satisfy your daily pixel-induced fix by blowing up enemies with an arsenal of weapons and abilities the military would be jealous of. 

Retro & Group Gaming with Team GOES

Presented by Team GOES

All the hits from SNES to PS4! Play solo or join some friends for a game of Mario Kart, Duck Hunt, or Dance Dance revolution. It’s all free, all day!


Presented by Perished Pixels

Arby is a 2D puzzle platformer whose quirks come from controlling two characters simultaneously. Players are forced to use their heads and reflexes to keep both characters out of harm’s way in aim to achieve one simple goal, get to the end of the level. 


Presented by Lodder Digital Media

Ratwood is a run ‘n gun shooter in the vein of old console classics like Gunstar Heroes, Contra, and Metal Slug. Take control of Rodent — a rat that’s been bestowed cosmic powers by a sentient plank of wood — as he battles the enigmatic Knights of the Round for the fate of the entire universe.

Block Droppin’

Presented by Rocketship Park

Block Droppin’ is a fast-paced puzzle game that mixes a few different elements together to keep players on their toes. Players slide colored blocks to create shapes by matching colors. Once created, those shapes drop into a grid below where they’ll need to complete horizontal lines to score points, just like in classic falling block puzzle games of the past.


Presented by Ingress London

Geocaching meets tower defense in this wonderful game played on your smart phone. To play Ingress you must walk around in the real world exploring places and items of interest to help take over the world!


Presented by WindPowered Games

“Welcome to colony, space pilot! I hope you’re half as good as you think you are.” Check out an early demo of Skyfire – a fast-paced 3D space combat game.


Presented by Brenden Cameron

SHNIPERS is a multiplayer combat platformer for up to 4 players. A game of bouncing bullets, of actions & reactions, where you are as much a threat to yourself as you are to your enemies. Situational awareness will be just as important as reflexes if you hope to prevail!


Board Game Library

Presented by LA Mood & Uber Cool Stuff

Dive into our borrow-a-board-game library and try something new! It’s totally free. We have plenty of space for you and your friends. Don’t know what to try? Our volunteers can help you pick something fun and show you how to play!

The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena

Now on Kickstarter 

London gamers, come learn how to play The Legend of Korra: Pro Bending Arena!  Local designers Sen-Foong Lim and Jessey Wright partner with IDW Games and Nickelodeon to  bring all of the action and excitement from the hit cartoon to the tabletop. In this 2-player game, you control a team of elemental benders able to control Earth, Fire and Water. Will your mastery of the elements lead you to victory? Do you have what it takes to knock all of your opponent’s benders off the arena platform and win the Republic City Pro Bending Tournament?

Werewords Demos

Presented by Bezier Games

In Werewords™, players guess a secret word by asking “yes” or “no” questions. Figure out the magic word before time is up, and you win! However, one of the players is secretly a werewolf who is not only working against you, but also knows the word. If you don’t guess the word in time, you can still win by identifying the werewolf!

The Game Chamber

Presented by The Game Chamber

Long-time Project Play supporters the Game Chamber have all kinds of cool minis and games for you to check out. More details coming soon!

D&D Adventurer’s League

Join Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League at Comic Con! The D&D Adventurers League is an ongoing official campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. Players use the fifth edition rules to create a character and bring that character to games anywhere D&D Adventurers League play is happening. Click here for more info and to sign up for sessions.


Presented by Board and Tale Games
Guide your tribe to prosperity in an ever-changing landscape. Stratos combines key elements of Euro style board games and strategy battle games, wrapped in a light fantasy theme. Players earn Prosperity Points for their tribe of people through a variety of goals – after all, a great adventure is about more than just battles!

BattleTech Minatures Game

Presented by Catalyst Games

Battletech is a game pitting skilled pilots in giant war machines called Battlemechs. Basically, giant robots smashing other giant robots!

CMON Game Demos

Presented by CMON Games

Our friends at CMON Games will be bringing some of their best games for you to try! From fan favourites to hot new releases – the CMON team has a ton of awesome games!

USAopoly Game Demos

Presented by USAopoly

Check out some great titles including Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle and Nefarious: The Mad Scientist Game!

Rock! Paper! Wizard!

Presented by WizKids

It’s spell-slinging chaos as you compete for the dragon’s hoard! Win the game and you could take a copy home with you!

WizKids Games Demos

Presented by WizKids

Learn how to play some awesome collectible games like HeroClix and DiceMasters and you could win a TMNT starter set to take home with you!

Wiggles 3D Game Demos

Presented by Wiggles3D

London’s own Wiggles 3D will have a cool selection of their family games on hand for you to try – like Bellz, Lexigo Rush, and more!

In Yer Face Wrasslin’

In Yer Face Wrasslin! is an exciting 2 – 4 player pro-Wrasslin’ board game!  Choose one of nine unique and colourful Wrasslers to control as they battle with cards and dice for strategic advantage in the Ring, which is also the game’s box!