2019 Interactive & Games

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Super Smash Ultimate Tournament

Test your skills against the best in Forest City ComiCon’s annual Smash tournament!  Registration runs from 10am-12pm, the tournament begins at 12pm.

VR: Red Meat Games

Try some of our VR titles at Forest City ComiCon!  Virtual Reality (VR) is not “new” it has actually been around for a while now but it has never been able to take off quite like how it has currently. In 2016, Oculus, HTC, and Sony all released their first head-mounted displays (HMDs) to the consumer market. The result? An explosion of interactive content for players and users to experience. As a development studio, we saw the wonders of VR and how it really transforms the way that players interact with and understand games.

Tiny Titan Studios

Tiny Titan Studios is a game developer and publisher based in London, Ontario, Canada. Since launching in 2014, we’ve released 9 titles globally including Dash Quest, Dash Quest Heroes, Tiny Rails, Kung Fu Z and our latest multiplayer smash hit, Arena Stars – the 90 second MOBA!

Joy Drop

Joydrop Ltd., founded in 2013, is an independent game development studio based in London, Ontario, Canada. Our premiere game is Cupkins, a casual puzzle game that puts a new twist on the match-3 mechanic. Our team of experienced and seasoned game developers create high quality games including casual mobile entertainment and innovative mixed reality applications.

Starship Bridge Simulator (Evening Programming)

The 4th Light Division is a social gaming group who gather to play Artemis: Spaceship Bridge Simulator at a local venue in London, Ontario. They are an inclusive group, looking to have fun, while being safe. Members are open to learning and sharing skills and ideas, and geeking out. We are building up our community so we can play with more people on a regular basis!  Join us at 6:30 pm in the upstairs panel room! Official Site


With VRcadia you can experience the best in VR from shooting zombies to travelling the world!  Experience VR with VRCADIA at Forest City ComiCon included with your admission. Official Site



Join us upstairs for various RPGs including Dungeons & Dragons & Pathfinder.  All registration RPGs is done day-of at the show upstairs in the tabletop gaming area.

Bearded Meeple – Board Game Demos

Game reviewer, The Bearded Meeple, will be on hand throughout the day running demos of various games.  Catch the Bearded Meeple’s reviews on youtube!

Keyforge Tournament

Join us on June 1st for the Forest City ComiCon’s first-ever Keyforge Tournament! Full Details

Borrow a Board Game Library

Try a new game at Forest City ComiCon!  Take advantage of our Borrow a Boardgame Library up on the second floor in the table top gaming area.