Interactive & Gaming Zone

ARTEMIS Starship Bridge Simulator

Join the crew of the Artemis

All cadets, report to the fighter bay! You are invited to learn by playing, exploring and experimenting through verbal communication and flying action in a single seat space craft. We hope to inspire you to complete missions through imagining, tinkering and collaborating as a pilot of a fighter squad.



IN2 Games

Step into the world of VR!

Take your gaming to the next level with In2 Games Virtual Reality! Experience the world of Star Wars and more in this immersive rig. Free demos running all day.



Console Gaming

Super Smash Tournament: Free to Enter!

Register before 11:00 am at the Game On Entertainment Booth

No advance pre-registration required!

Simply arrive the day-of before 11:00 am to register at the Game On Entertainment (GOES) booth!

General Rules from the Standard Ontario Smash rules will apply with the addition of a straight up double elimination format.


Retro & Group Gaming with team GOES

All the hits from SNES to PS4!

Play solo or join some friends for a game of Mario Kart, Duck Hunt, or Dance Dance revolution!

It’s all free, all day!



Tabletop Gaming

Board Game Demos!

Learn something new, and maybe win a copy to take home! We’ve got some games that haven’t even hit store shelves yet – card games, miniature games, strategy games, and kids games!




Borrow a Board Game Library

Dive into our borrow-a-board-game library and try something new!  It’s totally free. We have plenty of space for you and your friends. Don’t know what to try? Our volunteers can help you pick something fun and show you how to play!




CMON Games

Our friends at CMON Games will be bringing some of their best games for you to try!

From fan favourites to hot new releases – the CMON team has a ton of awesome games!