First Panel Announcement: “Invisibility Cloaks and How to Build Them”

For fans of the Harry Potter books and film series, the first panel announcement of the year, “Invisibility Cloaks and How to Build Them”, is sure to ramp up anticipation towards the Forest City Comicon featuring Project Play. The event comes to the London Ontario Convention Centre on Saturday, September 23.

“Careful study of the books and films has finally put us in a position where we’re ready to present the Invisibility Cloak Seminar,” explained committee member John Houghton. “This has never been offered at a convention before and is sure to be one of the most exciting presentations ever witnessed.”

The announcement comes after months of experimentation on how to build a functional Invisibility Cloak, as seen in the Harry Potter books and films, while still following the laws of physics.

“Once we figured out the trick, we couldn’t believe how easy it was to make one,” added Houghton. “After that, our biggest problem was just remembering what coat hook we had put it on.”

The panel can be easily found on convention day, hosted in the London Convention Centre’s newly renovated Room of Requirement.  Advanced discount tickets for the Forest City Comicon featuring Project Play are available now online.

The Forest City Comicon staff has extensive experience working with invisible objects. Last year the convention hosted Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet during the London International Air Show following a successful flyover last year on this date: April 1.