Jeremy Bushell Returns as Convention Host

Jeremy Bushell is set to return at official Con Host of the fourth-annual Forest City Comicon featuring Project Play coming to the London Convention Centre on Saturday, September 23, 2017.  Jeremy has been part of each iteration of the Forest City Comicon since its inception.  He first became part of the event through his panel presentation “Batfan v Superfan”, becoming host of the event’s signature celebrity Q&As and Cosplay Contest the following year.  Welcome back, Jeremy!

About Jeremy Bushell:

Jeremy Bushell is a proud life-long nerd. When he’s not working his various writing projects (minecrafting) he can usually be found working out material on stage in front of audiences all across the province. Jeremy started hosting and MC’ing at school events at the age of 14. He somehow found time away from dusting his Batman memorabilia to hone his skills performing and directing drama productions, writing and performing in sketch comedy shows, not writing but organizing and performing in improv comedy and public speaking contests all before graduating high school.

In 2012, he founded Back-Up Productions; an improv comedy troupe, with his brother Brad Bushell. Back-Up went on to become Phase 3 Entertainment; which performed more than 50 live shows, and produced the UWO Comedy Festival and Improv War, which raised funds for the 5p- Society.  Jeremy also hosted the Brescia Comedy Night for 3 years.

Back in “Con-World” Jeremy has co-hosted the popular “Batfan v Superfan” panel series for the last three years and was the Con-Host for The Forest City Comicon’s major celebrity panels and cosplay contest since 2015. He is excited to be back again this year and can’t wait to jump back on stage at the greatest celebration of Nerd Culture in the Forest City!