2023 Cosplay Judges

The judges for the 2023 cosplay contest have been announced!

Judge: Mia Vaasjo
Mia is a professionally trained seamstress who has been cosplaying for 14 years.  At last year’s Forest City ComiCon, she was the winner of the Master category.  She also volunteers with Cosplay For A Cure.

Judge : Linda Creswick of Lindy Cosplay Supplies
Linda has been owner and Creative Designer at “Lindy Cosplay Supplies” since 1980, and in the Cosplay world since 1970. Her business grew as she experienced local theater, special FX, hairdressing, face & body art, adapting and producing shows, and building mascot and one-of-a-kind characters.

She now shares what she loves most, with her son, Geoff and a whole new generation of cosplay enthusiasts, through panels during Con events.

Linda also introduced a series of books, called “WOR-KIT workshops at home”, that include everything you need to complete a project, while you experience how to work with materials, “Lets build together”.

Judge : Messiah Complex Cosplay
My name is Geoff but my handle is Messiah Complex Cosplay. I’m from London Ontario and I’ve been cosplaying since 2016. I’m 49 years old, father of 3 and grandfather of 1.

People often ask me why I do this. At first I just wanted to feel included. Then I fell into the trap of chasing likes and follows on social media and competing with other cosplayers. Doing photoshoots or getting fancy photo edits.

I’ve since come to realize none of that matters. I do this to bring an experience to people. Whether I’m goofing around as Omni-man or I’m making people hate me as Negan or I’m transporting young kids with joy and excitement as Spider-man, I always want to leave anyone who sees me or interacts with me with a great experience. Something they’ll remember. That’s what this is all about for me.


Judge : RayGrey Cosplay

RayGreyCosplay has been creating for almost 10 years! Her story started in 2013 where she quickly became known for her unique builds, cool armor and outgoing personality. Costume maker and cosplayer, she balances the creation portion as well setting up many different kinds of photoshoots and media to show off her work. Ray’s love of fandoms spans over many different genres from video games to anime to Disney, etc. She loves becoming her favorite characters but building the costume is half the fun!! She loves to teach others the joy of crafting and shares her knowledge so you can find her working live on twitch or Tik Tok from time to time. She’s worked with a multitude of different mediums and is always experimenting with new brands and materials. “I do it for the love of art.”

Join in her adventures as she shares her joy and goofy, crafty spirit.