2023 Exhibitors

Exhibitor list as of May 9 posted below.  Learn more about how to apply to be an exhibitor and be added to the wait list.

Exhibitor Name Type
1,000,000 Comix Inc Comic Shop
1000feuille Artwork
501st Canadian Garrison Star Wars group Organization / Club
A-Designs Ornament Co. Crafts
AlexMatolych Crafts
Alls Cherry Comics Comics
Armonia Idols Artwork
Art by Angela O’Hara Artwork
Awesome Oddities Crafts
BlueDippedDesigns Crafts
Brain Lag Other
Bullits Other
Cactus Mafia Wigs Other
CamCon Collectables Comic Shop
Cards United Comic Shop
Chaotic Curiosities Artwork
CK Expo Convention
Dan The Dice Guy Games
Dragoncat Alchemists Crafts
Duke Comic Art Artwork
Duskleaf Media Comics
Fan Girl Canada Crafts
Fan of the Sport Collectables
Fire and Steel Inc Collectables
Forest City Anime, Culture, and Cosplay Organization / Club
Future Pastimes Store
HauntedWatson Artwork
Icy Jewelery Crafts
JPaintings Artwork
Katherine Olenic Artwork
L.A. Mood Comics & Games Comic Shop
Lessthanthreegeeks Crafts
Lindy Cosplay Supplies Cosplay Supplies
Little Dragon Corp Games
Ma Cobb’s Hat Shoppe Crafts
Minifigures M&C Toys Other
Mocha Kitten Art Artwork
Nomad posters Artwork
Nomnivore Games Inc. Board Game Developer
Not Sew Sorry Crafts
ofSkySociety Artwork
Oh That’s Neat Crafts
Pastel Nightmares Crafts
Paul Poole Comics
Paytoons Artwork
Penney’s Steampunk General Store Other
Petite Press Studio Artwork
PopzStation Collectables
PopzStation Comic Shop
Pretty Heroes Events Organization / Club
PurdysPokeArt Artwork
Red Meat Games Games
Rejected Crafts
River Donkey Adventures Comics
Samjams Pixel Art Artwork
Sammy Makes Things Artwork
Satsuma Imo Collectables
Scott Brian Woods Comics
Seraphine Idols Artwork
shiinapop Artwork
Sibi Fursuits Artwork
sketchykuu Artwork
So Craftful Crafts
Solaire Sprout Crafts
Sparkle Collective Artwork
Sweet Kiwi & Co Crafts
The Game Chamber Games
The Geekery Crafts
The Welcome Gnome Artwork
TreeColours Artwork
TVX Sabers Collectables
Tyderium toys Collectables
VDelaneyCreates Artwork
Weird Numbers Artwork
Woodsongs Crafts
Yousellcomics.com Comics