Convention Day Tips & Details 2018

CONVENTION DAY HAS ARRIVED!!  Some tips for helping you make the most of your day:


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Witches & Wizards Fall Fling Dance Details

Finding Your Way, Planning Your Day: PICK UP A PROGRAM or USE THE DIGITAL VERSION!  Come up with a plan in advance of which panels & presentations you want to catch to save time (and avoid disappointment!) at the show.

Getting into the Show FAST At the London Convention Centre main doors: if you are facing the doors, the line into the left side is the express line for pre-purchased tickets (STILL AVAILABLE), the line on the right side is the line for new purchases. Fans with pre-purchased tickets should have their ticket ready for scanning as early as 9:00 am – – our team will be coming out into the lines to pre-check these tickets for speedy entry as soon as 10:00 am hits. New ticket sales won’t start until after the express line has entered the building after 10:30 am, so while day-of tickets can be bought at the door, if you want the fastest entry an advanced ticket is the way to go!

New Show Hours for 2018 This years show starts at 10:00 am and the exhibitor floor is open until 8:00 pm!  There is also events taking place into the evening including the all-new Witches & Wizards Fall Fling!

Cosplay! Cosplay! Cosplay! If bringing props into the convention centre please make sure they abide by our props policy: have any weapon-like props tagged at the registration desk on arrival.  Remember, when traveling with an imitation prop weapon, please store it properly for your safety and the safety of others.

Group photo times in the Clubs Atrium (top of escalators) for selected cosplay themes are Furries at 11:30 am, Marvel at 11:45 pm, DC at 12:00 pm, Star Wars at 12:15 pm, Disney at 12:30 pm.  Watch for the photographer from Fanshawe College!

Cosplayer’s don’t forget about the COSPLAY LOUNGE with mirrors and repair kits. This is also the area for registration for the Cosplay Contests. Best of all: ALL COSPLAY CONTESTS ARE FREE OF CHARGE TO ENTER.

Getting the Best Seats: Throughout the day that panels & presentation seating is first-come-first-served, our team will be doing their best throughout the day to maximize seating – – for busy panels, out of courtesy to your fellow fans, please do not leave buffer seats.

Panel Etiquette: if lining up for a panel or presentation please use the marked lines and avoid blocking the hallway if possible. We also ask you to exit the panel room as soon as possible once the panel ends to make way for the next panel. Out of fairness to all guests, panel rooms will be cleared out before the next panel begins (except for during the evening programming block). Panels, presentations, and events continue well into the evening both days even after the exhibitor floor closes. Check your schedule for details!

Photo Etiquette: Please remember, Cosplay is Not Consent: please do not touch other guests or take their photos without permission. Most cosplayers LOVE having their photo taken but want to put their best foot forward for you! Help them do this by asking permission before posing for a photo and respecting their space.

FOOD & DRINK: Concession stands are available inside the convention centre along with Mega Cone Creamery’s truck out front. There are also a large number of great nearby restaurants in Downtown London. Re-entry to the convention is permitted (providing the show has not reached capacity) so feel free to explore the area for lunch! Please note, for the safety and comfort of all guests the Convention Centre has asked that fans do not bring outside food and drink into the convention (though water bottles for hydration are okay).

Don’t miss the evening programming!  The Witches & Wizards Fall Fling Dance and MORE are taking place starting at 8:00 pm and running into the evening.  Get your Fall Fling upgrade ticket now!

ENJOY YOUR DAY! Our team and volunteers are here to help you have a great morning and afternoon. Have patience: if anything is not as it should be throughout the day, mention it to the nearest volunteer and we will do everything we can to correct it as soon as possible. Make sure to check out ALL areas of the show: the exhibitor floor, the Interactive Zone presented by Digital Extremes, the Board Game Area by Lion Rampant… and don’t forget the outdoor Demo Fields out back!

LINEUP CHANGE: Paulsen Postponed, Matt Hill Announced

Rob Paulsen, who was originally set to appear at this weekend’s Forest City ComiCon, is disappointed to announce that, due to unforeseen professional commitments, he will be unable to attend the event.  The organizers of the Forest City ComiCon have moved quickly to fill the voice-over actor’s spot and are pleased to announce the appearance of Matt Hill, best known for his roles in the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, Ed, Edd n Eddie, Gundam Seed, Transformers, Dino Trux, Care Bears, My Little Pony, and more.


TEAM STARKID: Joe Walker & Lauren Lopez

Team StarKid’s Lauren Lopez & Joe Walker are the latest guests to be announced for September’s Forest City Comicon at the London Convention Centre.  StarKid Productions shot to wide acclaim when their on-stage Harry Potter parody productions “A Very Potter Musical” and “A Very Potter Sequel” took the internet by storm.  In both productions Lopez portrayed Harry Potter’s arch nemesis Draco Malfoy while Joe Walker gave life to Voldemort and then in the sequel, Professor Dolores Umbridge.  Walker has also been featured in other Starkid shows as “Batman” in Holy Musical, B@man!, and Prince Achmed in Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier. Lopez has been featured in numerous other Starkid productions including, Holy Musical B@man (Commissioner Gordon), “Twisted: The Musical” (Abu), and “The Trail to Oregon Musical” (Son).

To date, the StarKid YouTube channel has garnered over 180 Million views, 395,000 subscribers, 200,000 Facebook fans, and over 134,000 Twitter followers worldwide.

Both Lopez and Walker will be appearing on the convention floor to sign autographs and meet fans, on the Randy Sheffield Investors Group Mainstage in the afternoon, and at the opening ceremonies for the Witches and Wizards Fall Fling dance which will be taking place after the exhibitor floor closes (Fall Fling details coming next week!).

Tickets for the Forest City ComiCon are available for advance purchase now (which includes admission to the show starting 30 minutes early).



About Joe Walker:

Joseph Walker is a founding member of Starkid Productions, and has been featured heavily in nearly all of their on-stage work including portraying Voldemort and Umbridge in “A Very Potter Musical”. Also relevant to a ComiCon was his portrayal of Batman in their 2012 production “Holy Musical, B@man!”, a show of which he is particularly proud (see it at As an old-school gamer and lover of science fiction literature as well as comics, he is very excited to be attending Forest City Comicon. He is also particularly thrilled to be back in Canada, as it’s been a while and he hopes that working here this weekend will somehow assist in his seemingly inevitable bid for citizenship. Who knows!?


About Lauren Lopez:

Lauren Lopez is an actress, singer and dancer currently living in Los Angeles. She is a founding member of the theatre company StarKid (Very Potter Musical), with whom she has worked on over 10 new musicals, two national tours and partnerships with The Second City and iO in Chicago. She is a graduate of the BFA acting program at the University of Michigan and has worked in theatre in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. She recently completed an off-broadway run of the new play, “The Solve-It Squad” in New York City and you can see her in the upcoming series from Adaptive Studios, Stellar People, as well as the upcoming series The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye. Lauren has also appeared in national commercials and ad campaigns for such brands as Toys R Us, KMart, Intel, Bank of America, Amtrak and more.

Meet Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers!

Carla Perez, the actress who played Rita Repulsa on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series, is coming to Forest City ComiCon!

Perez began portraying the well-known villain starting in season two of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1995 and continued with appearances in Power Rangers Zeo, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, Power Rangers Turbo, and Power Rangers in Space in addition to appearing briefly in VR Troopers.

Don’t miss your chance to meet Rita Repulsa herself: tickets to the Forest City ComiCon are available now!  Use your advance tickets to get in to the show starting thirty minutes early at 10:00 am.