2024 Volunteer Registration Open

Want to join the team? Apply now to join us this June and selected events throughout the year!





Who are the Volunteers?

The volunteers are team members who help out at the Forest City Comicon in areas that are of interest to them: such as helping run table-top and video games, the panels & presentation zone, and helping other fans find their way around the show!

What kinds of things do the volunteers help with?

  • Helping fans find their way
  • Panels & presentation zone
  • Cosplay lounge
  • Exhibitor move in
  • Special guest helpers
  • Table top game teachers
  • Other special events

Note: our ticketing staff are not volunteers.  If interested in applying for a gate staff position contact [email protected].

What are the perks of being a volunteer?

The main perk of being a volunteer is free admission to the event: volunteers are assigned to work only part of the event.  For the remainder of the day they are welcome to enjoy the show!

Volunteers also receive a complimentary lunch either at the beginning or the end of their time (depending on what time of day they start.

Volunteers also get a behind the scenes look at the convention.  Sometimes this can even mean special meet and greet opportunities with featured guests, depending on the schedule of the day.

How many volunteers are on the team?

The size of the team is usually around 60 volunteers, making use of returning team members and new ones.  Regretfully we don’t have a slot for everyone who applies – – but we encourage everyone who is interested to make an application.

Are Community Hours Available?

Community hours are typically not available at the event.  At times, however, we are able to offer community hours for volunteers who are working directly with one of our charity and community partners.  If this is your intention, please indicate that this is the case on your application and also reach out directly to the volunteer coordinator to see if any opportunities are available at this time.